113 years of innovation

1904-2017 </br>113 years of innovation

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With over a century of know-how in the cutlery and blade industry,
Mure & Peyrot makes a good use of its history to invent
the present and the past.

Permanent innovations, the products Mure & Peyrot are used in 70 countries all over the world,
by the main business sectors of the XXIe century : automotive industry, mass-market retailing, food industry…

Multiple award-winning company, Mure & Peyrot has always known how to satisfy its high professional customers.
The quality of the products ensure safety at work for the user.

Mure & Peyrot : The performance safety.


1904-2017 </br>113 years of innovation

Claude MURE buys a spinning wheel and a workshop of blades sharpening, for his sons Antoine and Edouard at La Monnerie Le Montel, near Thiers ( 63 ),
capital of the french cutlery.


Ernest PEYROT, son-in-law of Edouard MURE takes the direction of the company which becomes MURE AND PEYROT.
He keeps the core business of the company by innovating, in particular the invention of the pruning knife in Lino.

Following the death of Ernest PEYROT,

Jean-Claude Peyrot became manager
of the company Mure & Peyrot.

Mure & Peyrot became the first French manufacturer of safety knives.


The company SAINT GOBAIN wanted
to improve safety  in its factory in Longjumeau.

This order propelled Mure & Peyrot to the rank of world leader
in accessories necessary for the manufacturing of windscreens.


Mure & Peyrot acquired the machines of the last French manufacturer of industrial razor blades.

Assignment of the ISO 9002 Certificate by the german organization TÜV Rheinland France.

Nomination at the Innovation Award in the products category with the knife Ausonne during the show Prevent' Ouest in Rennes.

Creation near Lyon of our unit for the injection of the plastic to make our range while trying new materials.

Assignment of the européen journalist award during the show EXPOPROTECTION in Paris
and of the award Safety & Health Expo in Birmingham.

Creation of a blade unit in Solingen (Germany) to manufacture blades and sell in this country.

Introduction of Teflon in our handle made in plastic to improve the durability. .


Assignment of the ISO 9001 version 2000.

Mure & Peyrot celebrates its 100 Anniversary.
Repatriation of the of injection unit to improve our reactivity.

Creation of the BAkery product-range and Assignment of the safety Award during the EUROPAIN show in Paris thanks to the creation of the first plastic blade to score bread.

Enlargement of our site in Bordeaux to gather our production plastic injection unit together with the blade manufacture, the assembly and the packaging units.

Mure & Peyrot brought out 2 new products : AUROS & MEDOC.

Bernard PEYROT became joint manager with his father.

Assignment of the ISO 9001 version 2000.

Innovation Award for the knife MEDOC at the PREVENTICA show in Toulouse in February 2009.

2010 - 2011
Creation of a product-range for the food industry which shows that Mure& Peyrot develops itself and innovate by listening carefully to customers’ requirements.

Innovation Award for its plastic baldes at the PREVENTICA show in Lille in June 2010. 

Creation of the ALD product-range for the food industry.

Creation of a special product-range for laying out and the smoothing of protection plastic films used in the automotive industry.

Innovation Award for its knife MERLOT at the PREVENTICA show in Lyon in September 2013.

Mure & Peyrot celebrates its 110 Anniversary.

Mure & Peyrot brings out 12 new products.

1904-2017 </br>113 years of innovation

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